Change We Need:

  • SUPPORT PUBLIC EDUCATION – As a public school teacher for 28 years, I know how to change our education system for the better. Kids can receive help from their family, in the community and at school. Public education should include smaller class sizes, more school counselors and increased after-school activities. Effective public education is important – strong public schools are the bedrock of a strong democracy. I support increased investment in our public school system, to ensure that every student receives a quality education, no matter where they live. I also support bold solutions to affordable child care, one of the greatest barriers young families have to building a sustainable life.

  • PROTECT AND EXPAND REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM – I am a strong and clear champion of reproductive freedom, because my daughter deserves more rights, not less. It is why I was endorsed by Pro-Choice Minnesota. This area needs a clear, consistent voice for protecting and expanding these essential rights in the House of Representatives. I fully support the Minnesota Equal Rights Amendment – one of the most important pieces of legislation that we can pass on day one. We need to work together to protect abortion rights.

  • SAFE DRINKING WATER AND CLIMATE ACTION – We love our absolutely incredible nature in Winona, and we need to do as much as we can to keep it that way for decades to come. This involves corporate accountability just as much as reliable, sustained investment. Clean water should be a non-partisan issue. Rural folks need abundant, clean water as much as city dwellers do. The climate crisis is happening now, not in the future, and we must do everything we can to ensure a stable climate for future generations. Renewable, sustainable energy – supported with good union jobs – will lead us into a more profitable economy. Natural disasters are impacting us every day and we can and should fix this.

  • SUPPORT WORKING FAMILIES – As a long-time union member, I know that workers’ rights are the answer to economic inequality. Unions gave us the weekend, workers’ benefits and Social Security. More work needs to be done. The benefits of a higher minimum wage, affordable child care and paid family leave should be the norm, not something special. Stronger unions mean a stronger democracy and better lives for all Americans. We need to do more than support unions – we need to ensure that one job can support a family, that workers can join a union without retaliation and that every worker is heard and supported at their workplace.

  • REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM – Affordable and accessible health care should be available to all, no matter their race, gender, income, region or background. It’s reprehensible that we currently have a system where people are afraid to use the insurance they have to address issues because of the potential costs. The pharmaceutical and insurance industries are making record profits while they are providing less care. Rural clinics, hospitals and first responders all need more support, as do health care workers and their unions. I support clear, systemic solutions, including a public option or universal health care.

  • SUPPORT OUR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES – I was the first person in my family to go to college. It took me twenty years to pay off my student loans on a teachers’ salary. We need to expand North Star Promise, which provides free college tuition for eligible Minnesotans, to include more middle-class families. We need to invest in our public higher education to ensure Minnesotans will have the education and skills to fulfill future workforce needs and have every opportunity they deserve to succeed. After years of neglect and a decline in state appropriations to higher education, it is time to renew our commitment through (1) offsetting tuition costs, (2) student and faculty support, and (3) an increased investment in our public colleges and universities. As a member of the Minnesota House, I will fight to increase funding for campuses, including in infrastructure. I will work to make sure every campus has a counselor to help our higher education students with mental health needs. I believe in making sure all Minnesotans can access higher education, including vocational programs, and that the state has a duty to make public higher education affordable for all, regardless of region or background.

  • SUPPORT LGBTQIA+ RIGHTS – The first Safe Space sticker at Winona Senior High School was on my classroom door – I am passionate about protecting and supporting my students, no matter their identity. Love is love – let people live and thrive as their true selves. LGBTQ+ folks, especially youth, deserve acceptance, protection and support. I would follow the lead of the Queer Caucus at the Legislature in passing the ERA, providing true health care access, and ensuring that Minnesota remains one of the best states to live in for LGBTQ+ neighbors.

  • SUPPORTING PUBLIC SERVICES – We need to do all we can to recruit and retain the essential public workers who keep our communities going. This includes all public workers – EMTs, firefighters, peace officers, home care workers, educators, maintenance workers, transportation workers, human services workers and more. People should be able to see their tax dollars at work – these workers keep our community safe, clean and supported. We can do more to ensure that people receive the care and support they need to thrive.

  • SUPPORT FAMILY FARMERS AND LOCAL BUSINESSES – Growing up on a family farm, I understand how important they are to Minnesota. Small businesses are, too. Large corporations, whether they are a business which thinks one-size-fits-all, or a 10,000 acre farm, often miss the mark. Small businesses serve the specific needs of their community, and our main-street businesses make it great to live here. Life-long farmers are the best stewards, caring for the land and feeding our community with fresh, locally-grown food. Regardless of your background, we should make it easy for you to start and thrive with a small business or a small farm.

  • AFFORDABLE AND AVAILABLE HOUSING – The price of housing has gone crazy. It has gotten to the point where the average middle class family often can’t afford to buy a home. Young people are struggling to plan for the future at all. Renting for life and 50 year mortgages are a new, unfortunate reality. The public and private sectors need to work together to create a wider selection of affordable and available housing. We need investment in building and updating housing, as well as investment in homelessness support.

  • GREAT ROADS AND BRIDGES – Creating and maintaining our roads is a basic function of government. We need to update and invest in our infrastructure to ensure a safe and healthy transportation system. Minnesota must make good highways a priority again. We need new mass transit and public transportation options in both urban and rural areas for the good of our people and the good of our climate. 

Decision Making Process

  • Listen before you speak.
  • Seek out diverse points of view.
  • Seek common ground.
  • Seek common sense solutions.

Public Service Principles

  • Core values – faith, family, and freedom.
  • Leadership is about service to others.
  • Less mud throwing and money in politics.
  • More respect and listening.
  • Stay humble and kind.
  • Donate part of salary to local charities.