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For Minnesota House 26a in the Primary on Aug. 13th

A proven leader dedicated to our communities.

Dwayne Voegeli has proven himself to be an engaging teacher, excellent County Board Commissioner, caring community member, and a true leader. He has my enthusiastic support to be my State Representative.

Mark Peterson, Mayor of Winona (2013 -2020)

Dwayne Voegeli has shown over and over again that he has both strong principles and a genuine interest in other points of view. That is a rare combination in a public servant in this day and age.

Jack Hedin, Farmer

It is urgent for the MN legislature to support public education and equitable access to higher education. As our representative, Dwayne Voegeli will fight for education programs that will continue to improve our communities. He is a successful public servant of SE Minnesota who truly cares about working for the greater good.

Dr. Amy Hornby Uribe, World Language Education Professor, Winona State University

I doubt that a candidate more experienced, truly caring and dedicated to listening than Dwayne Voegeli will come forward to represent us in the MN House of Representatives.

John Kennedy, Local Businessperson

Dwayne has been guided throughout his life with an unrelenting passion for service to others. He is a fierce advocate for access to mental health services, believes in a woman’s right to choose, and affordable health care coverage for everyone. With his experience in elected office, he’ll be ready to go on Day One.

Sharon Ropes, Former DFL State Senator Winona County

Seeing Dwayne’s service to our community, the work he does at Winona Senior High, and the leadership he brings to the Winona County Board, I am proud to support and vote for Dwayne Voegeli.

Tony Bruguier, Member, a WSU College Dems member

I have known Dwayne for almost 25 years. In all of that time, no year has passed in which Dwayne was not working towards making our community more liveable and its citizens more involved. He has done this as a schoolteacher, he has done it as a member of the Winona County Board, and he has done it with numerous charitable organizations. Dwayne is relentless and tireless when it comes to pursuing changes that will make Winona County a better place to live.

Carew Halleck, Winona Business Owner

Dwayne Voegeli will care deeply for the residents of 26A. Dwayne will legislate as he teaches, with an open door, a listening ear and a commitment to learning.

Katy Smith, Winona Teacher of the Year & Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Working with Dwayne to resettle refugees in Winona through the Winona Sheltering Network, I‘ve come to know his leadership well. Dwayne is among the most compassionate well. Dwayne is among the most compassionate people in our community giving selflessly to make life better for others, while maintaining a practical approach to getting things done quickly and effectively.

Nikki Civettini, Winona State University Sociology Professor

In his ten years of experience in public office Dwayne Voegeli has exhibited talents that will make him an excellent representative of our interests in St. Paul. He is scrupulously honest, has a deep understanding of the district and a commitment to protecting the environment, listens well, and is sincerely dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Steve Morse, Former DFL State Senator Winona County

Dwayne is an award-winning educator with a passion for kids and our public schools. I have witnessed the positive and professional support he provides to his students in their own journey for learning! Imagine what he can do for us all at the Capitol!

Luke Merchlewitz, Retired WK Teacher & Winona Teacher of the Year

Dwayne is a person who draws people together, and earns respect through the fact that he walks his talk every day. As a young political science major I watched with great interest the work of a great Minnesotan who was at his core an activist, an agitator, a true servant leader. His name was Paul Wellstone, and he changed how I understood what politics could be. I am excited to think that another such leader-from-within is stepping forward to serve.

Shannon Helgeson, Teacher & Winona Teacher of the Year

Robert and I have been friends and colleagues of Dwayne for many years. We know him to be honest, trustworthy, persistent in working for the good of all, especially to those most in need, and will work creatively to serve others, not himself.

Kathy and Robert Redig, Rural Winona Residents
Tristan, Denine, Danneka, and Dwayne Voegeli.

Tristan, Denine, Danneka, and Dwayne Voegeli

Students on the Doors
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Meet Dwayne Voegeli

“Probably no other local politician in recent memory has been so thoughtful, successful or as sharp as Dwayne Voegeli… Moxie coupled with integrity like his is rare, even in local politics.”

“Probably no other local politician in recent memory has been so thoughtful, successful or as sharp as Dwayne Voegeli. His first election was a lesson in grassroots politics, but with it came some pretty hefty idealism. Voegeli hasn’t lost those values or ideals but has used them as guiding principles. For an idealist, he’s shrewdly pragmatic. He truly seeks to understand and to make the best choice, even if that means alienating certain blocs of voters.

While we may not have agreed with every stance he’s taken, it’s impossible to argue with his sincerity. Moxie coupled with integrity like his is rare, even in local politics.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out his ability to literally put his money where his mouth is. Instead of taking pay increases, he’s donated those to worthwhile local charities. He refuses to take part in paid out-of-state conferences at the taxpayers’ expense.”